Information Security Resourcing Solutions

Leveraging our information security experts to help secure your business

One of the biggest challenges that organisations face today is recruiting and retaining information security talent. Ntrust offers Information Security Resourcing Solutions designed to fill this need by providing experienced, certified security practitioners either on-site or virtually, allowing organisations to utilise our pool of experts to implement and maintain a cost effective and scalable information security program.

Our solutions are designed to assist you through the process of establishing, improving and managing an effective security strategy to meet the unique demands of your organisation. Our consultants can establish or integrate with your existing information security team enabling the organisation to meet compliance requirements. Ntrust Consultants have the experience to advise and present to senior executives, board members and non-technical senior staff on all matters relating to Information Security.

Ntrust Resourcing Solution Functions

Advantages of Ntrust Resourcing

Extensive Expertise

With an average of 20 years of experience, our consultants have held strategic and tactical roles in information security programs for organisations both large and small. Additionally, they possess the hard and soft skills needed for a role that requires knowledge of security and privacy issues, as well as business acumen and leadership.

Continual Education

All of our consultants have college degrees and maintain a variety of certifications, such as CISSP, CISM, ISO 27001-Li and regularly participate in formal courses, work groups, conferences and other events to increase their professional knowledge and stay connected to the infosec community.

Practical Knowledge

With the constant influx of new regulations, threats and technologies today, it is imperative to remain up to speed with these trends. Our consultants have the benefit of working with many organisations and can help identify problems and solutions that have been proven to work at other clients.

Impartial, Vendor Neutral Advice

Our resources will always act in your best interest to reduce your overall risk exposure, and to ensure maximum value of your current and future information security investments.

Significant Cost Savings

Our flexible scale-up or scale-down service allows you to match your changing security requirements and threat landscape while making tangible cost savings.

Information Security Resources

Ntrust provides a range of Information Security Resources to fulfil a variety of roles within an organisation, in order to initiate, grow or enhance its information security posture. These resources can be delivered in either a full-time or part-time basis and through an onsite or virtual capacity, or a combination of these.

Information Security Officer

Provide direction to the growth and development of your information security program, drawing from their knowledge and senior-level experience to deliver the direction you need.

Information Risk Officer

Works across all business and functional lines to ensure a strategic and comprehensive approach in identifying, tracking and mitigating information risks.

Information Security Architect

Provide security architecture support to security programs and assist in the development and publishing of architectural guidance on technology, security and privacy and ensure alignment with business, performance, data, services and technology layers.

Security Analyst / Threat Hunter

Actively hunts for security incidents or threats within your environment utilising in house security incident and event monitoring tools, amongst others. Security Analysts can identify possible weaknesses or indicators of compromise by delving through the alerts and logs generated.

All contracts are flexible; resources can join your team for as little as a few days per month. Being based at our headquarters, a resource can bring additional value through leveraging the full power of Ntrust Advisory subject matter experts and capabilities.

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