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ICS | Scada Cybersecurity Consulting

Securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems from cyberthreats can be a daunting undertaking. Some of the common questions that are asked are: where do we start? what systems do we prioritise first? where are our cybersecurity gaps? Our certified consultants are able to assist in providing world class, industry proven consulting services to help companies mitigate their risks and increase their overall cybersecurity posture on ICS | SCADA systems.

Security Risk Assessments

Creating visibility into ICS | SCADA systems is one of the most critical steps in the overall cybersecurity strategy. A robust risk assessment will discover all the assets on your systems and will help to identify risks to vital components on your ICS | SCADA systems. Our assessments not only include identifying the most important security gaps, but also details what steps to take to remediate.

Secure Architecture Design

ICS | SCADA systems are becoming more reliant on standard IT technologies like TCP/IP, Wireless networks and Bluetooth™. We are able to assist in developing a secure architectural framework, which includes network segmentation, secure remote access, safety systems and unidirectional communication, whilst understanding that traditional IT Security protection is not adequate for ICS | SCADA systems.

Understanding your ICS | SCADA systems, and more importantly trying to find out which assets (PLC’s, HMI’s, etc.) are most at risk, can be a daunting task for most companies.


Companies with ICS | SCADA systems face ever growing challenges in protecting these systems from compromise posed from both external and internal sources. Extensive knowledge and in-depth experience is required in order to address the threats to people, processes, systems, and assets. The Ntrust advisory team is able to help organisations to align Operational Technology (ICS | SCADA) and Information Technology (IT) to identify where the risks come from and to alleviate these risks, thereby hardening their attack surface, increasing security awareness, and improving their information security posture.

The Ntrust advisory team is able to identify the entire ICS | SCADA network, including the vendor, version and model of the relevant asset(s). In conjunction with the operational team, we are able to quickly map the most critical and vulnerable assets.

There are also certain security architecture considerations to take into account as each specific industry is unique, and require certain attention in different parts of their ICS | SCADA systems. Our vast experience enables our team to assist in finding the most optimal design that will work for your company.

Our ICS | SCADA consulting services include:

  • Information Security policy review and creation
  • Security awareness training for specific threats to ICS | SCADA systems
  • Information Security strategy planning
  • Adoption of International industry frameworks like ISA/IEC 62443 and
  • NIST SP 800-82

All our consultants are PECB certified.

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